We carry a variety of
products that tend to
lift the spirit and to let
you relax and  to just
enjoy what life is all
about. Peace, Love,
Harmony and finding
that spiritual balance
that lets our inner
being accept who we
are as well as who we
are becoming. Never
forgetting that others
aren't different, their
focus is just another
realm of reality that's
important to them.
Introducing "Show Stoppers" - Featuring the artistry
of Florence Maranuk. These hand crafted porcelain
dolls are limited editions of three to ten thousand
Faerie Glen by Munro Collectibles
No matter how you wish to spell the word ' Faerie '-- Fairy, Fairie or
Faerie -- these exquisite young ladies bring the world to life. Cast in
cold poured porcelain and hand painted, these figurines will delight
you with their soft sheen and vibrant aurora for many years to come.
Light slips 'round ageless trees
Shadows dance on whispered breeze
Faeries choose to gather here
Tempting mortals straying near

Look carefully, as faeries hide
And wait for believers to come inside
Keeping them for a year and a day
'Ere longer if they wish to stay.

Ethereal magic fills this place.
Tread carefully throughout their space
As nature's guardians, they defend
Faeries protect both home and friend

While caring for the earth each day
Mischief and pranks are their way
To remind common man of their pow'r
As they enchant day and evening hour

So leave a gift for faerie folk
Underneath the tallest oak
And, only, if you believe ... then
Can you enter Faerie Glen
Coming soon!!! Chameleon by
Sheila Wolk. Also we should be
getting Garland back in any day

We carry a full line of incense, incense burners and over twenty
five of your favorite scents of aromatic candles. Choose your
favorite and enjoy!!

Nag Champa
Super Hit
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Spiritual Sky
Scents of Creation
Many more!!
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